Armed to the Gears – Background Story


2029 – Neutrium Fields
Until then hypothetical, a Neutronium-based element was discovered in deep excavations. A powerful energy source with far superior capacity, of which a tiny speck is able to power batteries, machines and equipments for centuries.

2033 – Deployment Technology
Researches in mining, storage and transmission led to the creation of new technology, culminating in a new physics laws bending method for energy / matter conversion and transmission, known as teleportation or Deployment Technology.

2039 – Weapons Race
Warmongering countries quickly realised the military use for such technology, and begun an armament race, relying on remote-controlled mechanized units, advanced plasma-based weapons and teleport deployment to overcome the enemies and oppositors.

2042 – Totalitarian Wars
Popular protests and riots against what was escalating to the extinction of mankind led governments to take violent action and dissolve theirs states. Piles of bloodstained metal parts formed on numerous and constant battles, at times as civil wars, other times for world supremacy against other dictatorships.

2045 – The Ministry
After years of war with devastating losses for all sides, one totalitarian state rises as the sole victorious. Everyone else involved in these wars were defeated, and now the whole world is controlled by the most corrupt, sadic and bloodthirst of them all, known only as The Ministry.

2062 – Birth of the Rebellion
Warfare state and totalitarian politics soon brought misery and war devastation to the people. Despite furious repression and brainwashing from the Ministry, a group of rebellious fighters managed to gather forces to uprise against them.

2081 – The Apostasy Virus
Rebellion hackers found a way to bypass some of the Ministry’s units signals. Made into a virus nicknamed “Apostasy”, it can be inoculated into the Ministry’s systems, allowing for full control of their robots.

2084 – Operation “Armed to the Gears”
After a few years mastering the Apostasy technology, the rebellion is ready to execute the ultimate operation, that must lead to the complete destruction of the main Ministry’s Headquarters.