ZR In-app purchases


You may purchase, with “real world” money, limited licenses to use Virtual Items or Virtual Currency in Zombie Raiders.

In accordance with the Licence agreement, you agree that all such purchases are final. If you order licenses for Virtual Items or Virtual Currency from Deonn Games ltd. that become unavailable before they can be provided to you, please request a refund of the purchase price from the payment processor of the transaction. *Deonn Games ltd. provides no refunds for any purchases.

Connection problems

If you’re having problems logging in, connecting to the server, try the following:

  • Check your device’s internet connection (the game is online-only)
  • Check if the server is up and running;
  • Check the community for updates;
  • Try restarting the game;
  • Try logging in with another account.

Report abuse

If you noticed other players behaving inadequately, you can Mute / Ignore their text messages so they won’t appear to you anymore.

In case of repeated offensive behaviour by a specific player, or if someone appears to be glitching or hacking the game, report them to our staff in the community. We will investigate and the person can be muted or banned from the game.


If the game keeps crashing in your device, try the following:

  • Check if your device is able to run the game;
  • Try cleaning the device’s RAM or turning it off/on again;
  • Try reinstalling the game.

If you tried the troubleshooting described here and are still having problems, you can open a support ticket here.

Create your support account and fill the forms.

If there is any solution, our staff will check your issue and you’ll be contacted.

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