About Armed to the Gears

In a dystopian future where a totalitarian regime, under the flag of the Ministry, dominated the whole world and enslaved billions of people, an underground resistance fights for freedom.
You are regarded their most skilled engineer, who’s able to hack into the Ministry’s Infantry Class robots and control their weapons, turning these war machines against their makers.

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Controller Configuration

You can play Armed to the Gears with your Keyboard and Mouse or Xbox or Playstation compatible USB Controller. Dual sticks controllers are recommended. Learn here how to setup and configure your input settings:

When the game starts up, the first screen to appear is the Configuration dialog. There you’ll find two option tabs, the first to setup the graphics, the second is the Input tab.

1. Open the Input tab, you’ll see a list with three columns, Control, Primary and Secondary. Double click every Control you want to configure and press the desired keys.

Controls named “Key” are for the keyboard and mouse. Controls named “Button” and “Stick” are for the joystick configuration.

2. Scroll down the Control list to find the Aim X (horizontal) and Aim Y (vertical). Here you can set up the aiming for the controller or gamepad.

Double-click the primary field and move the gamepad sticks to the correspondent direction, sideways for X and up or down for Y.

Press Play! and go to the Headquarter’s Command room (Game Settings).

3. In the Command center interface, select the Controls tab. Select the input option, configure the Auto-aim distance and sensibility. 


Select Mouse or Joystick (Gamepad). The Auto-aim will snap the aim sight to any enemy nearby. Suggested values are 2 for auto-aim and 0.6 for the joystick sensibility.

All Done!

How to play

Navigate your war robot around the maps to destroy enemies and capture reactors using the W A S D or directional keys.

Primary weapon: Default is the machinegun. Fired with the Left mouse button. Can be switched when a different weapon crate is collected on the ground.

Secondary weapon (Launcher): Default is the grenade launcher. Fired with Right mouse button. Can be switched to missile launcher.

Jet Thrusters: Keep SHIFT pressed to enable, making your robot accelerate. It will consume Jet Fuel and when it’s over, you must find more in the field.

Captured reactors will grant Energy points, used to teleport turrets, call air support into the battlefield and repair your robot, enabling a temporary protection for a base or offensive weapons to decimate the enemy’s stronghold.

Upgrade turrets to maximize the defensive capacity of your bases.

Generator towers are usually near the reactor and can be upgraded using the same method as the other turrets.

Your Mission:

  • Capture every Neutrium Reactor by reaching proximity;
  • Secure the reactor’s perimeter to avoid enemy takeover;
  • Suppress the enemy’s presence in the area.


When playing the game, go to the Main Headquarters Menu and select Training Fields – Tutorial. There you’ll find a quick walkthrough to most of the game’s controls, features and gameplay.

HUD elements

The battle HUD will display all the important information for you to keep track of your strategy, positioned in the edges of the screen.

Condition (top left): Shows a percentage of remaining life and armor, the number of times the player got wasted and how many galons of fuel are left.

Reactors (top center): Displays the number of captured reactors for each side.

Sat Feed (top right): A satellite view of the battlefield, containing friendly units in blue and enemies in red.

Energy (bottom left):  Shows how many energy points can be used to deploy items. Can be increased by capturing reactors or upgrading generator towers. Use the Deploy button to open the menu and the Remove button to select a turret or structure to be removed.

Weapons (bottom right): Current equipped primary and secondary weapons. There’s also the primary gun’s temperature level and the number of warheads for the launcher.

On the top, the credits amount, the current difficulty (threat) level and the pause/settings button.

Collecting Items

Collect the Armor item to refill your armored hull bar, that will increase your robot’s resistance to damage.

Collect Credits during the battle, and use them to equip and upgrade your robot in the Headquarter’s Workshop.

Robot Workshop

Select the main base’s Workshop and use your credits to equip different weapons, launchers and armor, or increase the jet fuel and ammo count, giving you a starting advantage to beat the map.

Game Settings

In-game General Settings has some basic options for main audio volume, graphics quality and resolution, background music, gameplay configuration and developer credits implemented.


Common Issues:

Problem: Instant “Mission failed” when starting a map.
Solution: Just close and restart the game. This could be caused by a recent game update, but only on the first run.

Problem: Mouse and Controller are not responding or messy.
Solution: Check out Controller Configuration. If the problem persists, find and delete the registry \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Deonn Software ltd.\Armed to the Gears

If you’re still having problems, check out the Community Forum, your answer might  be there.