Armed to the Gears Press Kit

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Game Info:

  • Developer: Deonn Software ltd.
  • Release Date: March 19, 2018
  • Current state of development: Early Access
  • Platforms: Windows (Mac, Linux and consoles are planned)
  • Website:
  • Price: USD 3.99 to 11.99
  • Availability: Steam digital download
  • Languages: English (more languages planned)
  • File size: ~ 100Mb
  • Press Contact:
  • Social media: Youtube, instagram, twitter
  • Guides and documentation: Online web guide


Armed to the Gears is up on Steam! It combine elements of a top-down shooter, RTS (or tower defense) and “Capture the flags”, as you control a heavily armed mech from one capture point (Reactor) to another, where you set up a base with turrets, missile launchers, landmines, energy generators and barricades, and proceed to the next offensive. Victory is achieved by capturing every Reactor in the map. You’ll loose the round if your mech is destroyed while you have no Reactors captured.

Some would say it’s a bit similar to MOBA games like Dota. Maybe, but only to an extent. Armed to the Gears is a single player game for now, map layouts are different, the camera is fixed on the player, and has a more “Arcade” approach to the gameplay. We do have plans, however, for multiplayer, but not on this version.

The story, in short, goes like this: After a neutronium-based energy source is discovered in deep excavations, near the nucleus of the Earth, many inconceivable technologies were now possible. New weapons, powerful batteries, and a powerful teleportation method for deploying units and structures into the battlefield. A run for this incredible resource went desperate to the point of starting a series of world wars, that culminated in the victory of a single totalitarian regime that took control over the whole world, known as the Ministry. Using their monopoly over the neutronium, the Ministry build an army of cyborgs, mutants and robots of all kinds and sizes to keep their domination.

In this dystopian, Orwellian world full of oppression, misery and crime, you’re an expert engineer who joined an underground resistance group fighting for freedom. Your mission is to hack Ministry’s mech units and use them to battle their hordes, takeover their neutronium reactors and deploy their converted armament to protect your bases.


It’s being released as early access now, but the game is already fully featured: has all the planned features and graphical polishing implemented, tested and balanced, with 4 playable maps, 6 weapon types with variations, 11 deployment options and upgrades, 7 enemy types with random specs, a main headquarters menu with a robot workshop, game settings, soundtrack with one original tune (for now), a complete background story, a tutorial map and much more.

Planned features:

Updates on the game should arrive in a monthly basis, containing one new map each, one new enemy type, bug fixes, balancing, optimizations and other general improvements, until we reach the total of 8 maps for the full campaign.

Development history:

The game has been in development for about 2 years, with a prototype being distributed about one year ago, as a base for the feedback.

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