Controller Configuration

You can play Armed to the Gears with your Keyboard and Mouse or Xbox or Playstation compatible USB Controller. Dual sticks controllers are recommended. Learn here how to setup and configure your input settings:

When the game starts up, the first screen to appear is the Configuration dialog. There you’ll find two option tabs, the first to setup the graphics, the second is the Input tab.

1. Open the Input tab, you’ll see a list with three columns, Control, Primary and Secondary. Double click every Control you want to configure and press the desired keys.

Controls named “Key” are for the keyboard and mouse. Controls named “Button” and “Stick” are for the joystick configuration.

2. Scroll down the Control list to find the Aim X (horizontal) and Aim Y (vertical). Here you can set up the aiming for the controller or gamepad.

Double-click the primary field and move the gamepad sticks to the correspondent direction, sideways for X and up or down for Y.

Press Play! and go to the Headquarter’s Command room (Game Settings).

3. In the Command center interface, select the Controls tab. Select the input option, configure the Auto-aim distance and sensibility. 


Select Mouse or Joystick (Gamepad). The Auto-aim will snap the aim sight to any enemy nearby. Suggested values are 2 for auto-aim and 0.6 for the joystick sensibility.

All Done!