Deployable Items

Armed to the Gears goes beyond a simple shooter game, with turrets and other utility structures placement possible through the Deploy Menu.

Select this item to upgrade Generators and Turrets.

Machinegun Turret
Cheapest turret to deploy, medium rate but low damage.

Laser Turret
High firing rate, low damage.

Plasma Turret
Slow firing rate, high damage

Tesla Electric Turret
Highest firing rate, high damage, low precision

Grenade Launcher
Slow fire rating, high damage.
Can sometimes shoot over obstacles.

Missile Launcher
Medium firing rate, very high damage and range.

When placed on the ground and collided with an enemy, will explode with a high range damage.

Will slow down enemies who try to run over it, but will eventually get destroyed.

Repair Station
Place a repair station on your base and step over it to start raising the robot's main condition.

Carpet Bombing
As an offensive weapon, will call air support and drop 5 bombs into the target, causing a large destruction of bases and groups of enemies.

Neutrium Missile
A very powerful cruise missile with neutrium charged explosive, will blast everything within it's range.