HUD elements

The battle HUD will display all the important information for you to keep track of your strategy, positioned in the edges of the screen.

Condition (top left): Shows a percentage of remaining life and armor, the number of times the player got wasted and how many galons of fuel are left.

Reactors (top center): Displays the number of captured reactors for each side.

Sat Feed (top right): A satellite view of the battlefield, containing friendly units in blue and enemies in red.

Energy (bottom left):  Shows how many energy points can be used to deploy items. Can be increased by capturing reactors or upgrading generator towers. Use the Deploy button to open the menu and the Remove button to select a turret or structure to be removed.

Weapons (bottom right): Current equipped primary and secondary weapons. There’s also the primary gun’s temperature level and the number of warheads for the launcher.

On the top, the credits amount, the current difficulty (threat) level and the pause/settings button.