How to play

Navigate your war robot around the maps to destroy enemies and capture reactors using the W A S D or directional keys.

Primary weapon: Default is the machinegun. Fired with the Left mouse button. Can be switched when a different weapon crate is collected on the ground.

Secondary weapon (Launcher): Default is the grenade launcher. Fired with Right mouse button. Can be switched to missile launcher.

Jet Thrusters: Keep SHIFT pressed to enable, making your robot accelerate. It will consume Jet Fuel and when it’s over, you must find more in the field.

Captured reactors will grant Energy points, used to teleport turrets, call air support into the battlefield and repair your robot, enabling a temporary protection for a base or offensive weapons to decimate the enemy’s stronghold.

Upgrade turrets to maximize the defensive capacity of your bases.

Generator towers are usually near the reactor and can be upgraded using the same method as the other turrets.

Your Mission:

  • Capture every Neutrium Reactor by reaching proximity;
  • Secure the reactor’s perimeter to avoid enemy takeover;
  • Suppress the enemy’s presence in the area.


When playing the game, go to the Main Headquarters Menu and select Training Fields – Tutorial. There you’ll find a quick walkthrough to most of the game’s controls, features and gameplay.